Our collective Responsibility as community leaders


There is an old adage: “When the Student is Ready, the Master shall appear”.

But in our modern world and society mystical experiences are few and far between. 

As Mentors living and walking through the world in this current age; it is our collective Responsibility and mission to introduce & link mentors directly with Young People for mentorship and guidance through everyday life. 

If the communities we are working in lack these Mentors & Leaders, then we need to train and initiate more Men & Women who exist within them. Templates or Archetypes young people can align their own values with and benefit from exposure to someone they can learn from who is Righteous & Capable in leading them to better understanding of themselves as a unique and powerful individual with a Story of their own. 

Without these guides, Young People may never discover their unique MANA (personal power) and may wander in the wasteland of obscurity & self-doubt for far longer than they need. 


Our Mentees are all pretty cool kids. We can talk all day about what Mentorship means to us, but what it means to them is much more important. The feedback and insights from young people enrolled in our programs and their families are our resume.


It takes a Village to raise a Child. 
This is very true, however sometimes that village, and the families that live in that community need a little helping hand and some direction on where to go for support when the going gets tough.

Nobody should have to go it alone. We are here to help.
Watch this Video to hear a bit about how we work closely with families, holding space and bearing witness to every families unique story to see how best we may be able to help.


Our Mentorship Pathways are designed with the potential for growth in mind.
It is our mission to be to walk alongside each young mentee from Pathfinder to Hero, that is, a Confident, Self-Aware Young Adult. 

Progress through each ‘Cycle‘ of mentorship leads into the next, eventually creating a larger Odyssey that defines
each Young Persons Personal Mythology.


The First Cycle of our Mentorship Pathways focuses on the emerging Hero/Heroine & on the important foundational process of unlocking latent Potential that may be resting within.

Whether You are simply in need of some extra support, looking for a positive male/female role-model, or are seeking some deeper meanings or answers to major questions, we strive to connect you with the best Mentor for this chapter in your Life.

Whether You are just beginning or returning to Mentorship, This Cycle is all about taking what you uncovered in the Pathfinder Cycle of your Journey, and making it actionable with a more Goal Orientated Mentorship.

You have done the work with your Mentor, but Knowledge isn’t Wisdom until it is applied to your Life. 
In Cycle 2, your Mentor will support you in setting and achieving your Personal Goals, and potentially preparing you for the Final Chapter:
Your Rites of Passage Initiation.

This Unique & Complete Mentorship Journey is aimed at Mentees & Families who are ready to take the Leap of Faith into the
full process of self discovery.
A Saga is a narrative record of  legendary figures and events of a heroic age, myth or adventure. We believe that each Saga must consist of an Origin Beginning, a Mid-point & an Ending that weaves the personal legend of a Hero/Heroine as they become a Master of Two Worlds: The Ordinary Inner World & The Extraordinary Outer World. 
This Pathway encompasses our 2 Mentorship Cycles + Our Upcoming Rites of Passage Camps all in One Complete Package.  


Manifesting a Need to reflect on everyday life. What is working for you. What isn't. Where you have been. Where you are wanting to go.

What you want in your life. And who you want to be as a person.


Raising awareness of the aspects of yourself and your life that are no longer serving us. At this stage we may be seeking change, and may be on the lookout for someone who can guide us to where we want to be.


Now that we are on the path to understanding our strengths, values, beliefs and morals, we now must develop a philosophy or code that will hold us accountable and help us navigate this newfound wisdom.


Being Authentic means coming from a real place within. It is when our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values. It is being ourselves, not an imitation of what we think we should be or have been told we should be.

This is the truest version of ourselves we can possibly be.

At MANA Youth Project, we seek to build bridges over our past regrets and challenges instead of building the walls around us that prohibit personal growth in every aspect of our lives.