Building Bridges, Not Walls

The Role of Mentorship in Communities

Walking Beside the Youth

There is an old adage: “When the Student is Ready, the Master shall appear”.

But in our modern world and society mystical experiences are few and far between. If we sit around waiting for Yoda or Ben Kenobi to appear out of the desert to launch us into adventure, we could be waiting forever, perpetually lost in relative obscurity and wandering within the status quo of the ordinary world.

As Mentors living and walking through the world in this current age; it is our responsibility and mission to introduce or link mentors directly to young people for mentorship and tutelage.

If we are unable to due to current limitations or unavailability, then we need to train and initiate more mentors in our communities so that they can act as these guides, and to be linked with young people so that they can more often and more easily benefit from that positive guidance and role modelling.

Without these guides, Young People may never discover their unique spark, and may wander in the wasteland for far longer they need to.


Our Mentees are all pretty cool kids. We can talk all day about what Mentorship means to us, but what it means to them is much more important. The feedback and insights from young people enrolled in our programs and their families are our resume.
We engaged MANA Youth Project for our son who was having difficulties at school and privately. Results from the 8 week program saw him come back to the caring and loving boy we know him to be as well, turn around his performance academically back to its full potential and bring back happiness into his own life. We could not recommend more highly the MANA Youth Project as it takes on an alternate view with the primary focus to engage directly with the young persons interests to bring them to their own understanding and recognition about what is happening in their lives. Could not recommend more highly.
Mentee Family


Manifesting a Need to reflect on everyday life. What is working for you. What isn't. Where you have been. Where you are wanting to go.

What you want in your life. And who you want to be as a person.


Raising awareness of the aspects of yourself and your life that are no longer serving us. At this stage we may be seeking change, and may be on the lookout for someone who can guide us to where we want to be.


Now that we are on the path to understanding our strengths, values, beliefs and morals, we now must develop a philosophy or code that will hold us accountable and help us navigate this newfound wisdom.


Being Authentic means coming from a real place within. It is when our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values. It is being ourselves, not an imitation of what we think we should be or have been told we should be.

This is the truest version of ourselves we can possibly be.

At MANA Youth Project, we seek to build bridges over our past regrets and challenges instead of building the walls around us that prohibit personal growth in every aspect of our lives.


MANA Youth Project 

Rosebud, Victoria, Australia

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