The Hero Academy is the interactive and dynamic platform that serves as a creative & immersive approach to Mentorship. 
Mentees have the opportunity to connect with an experienced mentor of their choice and take part on a Journey of Self-Discovery & Adventure. 

There are 2 Phases to a Mentorship Journey


The First Cycle of our Mentorship Pathways focuses on the emerging Hero/Heroine & on the important foundational process of unlocking latent Potential that may be resting within.

Whether You are simply in need of some extra support, looking for a positive male/female role-model, or are seeking some deeper meanings or answers to major questions, we strive to connect you with the best Mentor for this chapter in your Life. 


Designed for Mentees who have Graduated from their Pathfinder Cycle, this long-term mentorship is a way to further Explore the different avenues of growth and personal development available within The Hero Academy, designed to align with the archetypal strengths of each Hero that was discovered in their first Cycle. 

Each Pathway provides specialized training, mentorship and newly unlocked Quests to enhance your heroic qualities, flex your strengths & immerse yourself in a more actionable Life.