“Imagine You’re standing at a Crossroads: In One Direction; a Path of Darkness, Uncertainty, Anxiety, Fear. 
In the Other Direction; a Lighter Path, one that makes you feel Safe, Supported, Fearless, and Calm. 
Now Imagine a Third Path Opening Up in-between the other two. On this Path is a mix of these Feelings, Emotions, Challenges & Stepping Stones. 
This is the True Path of the Hero/Heroine.
But to walk any of these Paths in Life requires Tools & Self-Knowledge that will require new versions of you at each Checkpoint.” 
Our Mentors are here to Help. 
The Tools we impart on this Journey stem from the core of Narrative therapy and the Heroes Journey, two powerful modalities that can help
young people overcome identity crisis, and any of the challenges faced in the Arena of Everyday Life.
Narrative therapy frames a person’s identity as being shaped by the stories they tell about themselves and their experiences.

By exploring these stories and finding new ways to tell them, young people can gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what they want in life.

The Heroes Journey is a classic narrative structure that has been used in storytelling for thousands of years.
It follows the journey of a Hero or Heroine, who sets out on a quest, faces challenges,
and ultimately transforms into a more self-actualised, confident & authentic version of themselves.
This structure can be applied to the lives of young people who are struggling with their identity, helping them to see themselves as the heroes of their own story and to find the courage and determination to overcome obstacles and reach their goals.
By combining these two approaches, young people can gain a greater sense of clarity and purpose in their lives.
 By recognizing their own experiences as meaningful and important, they can develop a
stronger sense of self and feel empowered to create the life they want for themselves.
Additionally, these approaches emphasize the importance of community and support, reminding young people that they are not alone in their journey.
Overall, narrative therapy and the Heroes Journey can be valuable tools for young people facing identity crisis, helping them to grow, heal, and find meaning in their lives.
 These are the 2 Core aspects that our Narrative Mentorship Framework & Programs draw from to help support young people in our community.
Book in Now for your Call-to-Adventure Session & Lets Begin this Heroes Journey.

Pick a Path to Begin Your Journey…


Each Hero/Heroine Begins their Adventure on our Foundational Pathfinder Cycle. 
Laying the Foundations of the Mentorship, and equipping each Mentee with the tools needed to begin their quest of Self-Actualisation. 
Think of this Cycle as a Prologue in a much bigger Odyssey. 
In the Second Cycle, The MANA Mentor & his/her Mentee will take what was learnt in the first, and begin to apply that knowledge in Life.
Choosing various Branches as a platform to transmute that Knowledge into Actionable & Practical Wisdom. 

We Recommend 2 Cycles Minimum when Enrolling, so that the Young Hero in your life gets the most of the mentorship experience. 

The First Cycle of our Mentorship Pathways focuses on the emerging Hero/Heroine & on the important foundational process of unlocking latent Potential that may be resting within.

Whether You are simply in need of some extra support, looking for a positive male/female role-model, or are seeking some deeper meanings or answers to major questions, we strive to connect you with the best Mentor for this chapter in your Life. 

Each Cycle goes for 6-Sessions
45mins -1 Hour.

 This Cycle is all about taking what you uncovered in the Pathfinder Cycle of your Journey, and making it actionable with a 6-12 Month Goal Orientated Mentorship.

You have done the work with your Mentor, but Knowledge isn’t Wisdom until it is applied to your Life. 
In Cycle 2, your Mentor will support you in setting and achieving your Personal Goals, and potentially preparing you for the Final Chapter:
Your Rites of Passage Initiation.

The Hero Academy is an Online Version of our Foundational Pathfinder Mentorship Program for Small Groups of Young People who are Homeschooling/Unschooling and looking for something entirely unique to add to their Home Studies. Each Session Students will learn about the Heroes Journey, and how their lives and identity align to each transitional stage of life. 

A Hero needs the right tools, so each session students will equip themselves with new Life-Tools & Skills to help them along their Journey of Self Discovery. 


Manifesting a Need to reflect on everyday life. What is working for you. What isn't. Where you have been. Where you are wanting to go.

What you want in your life. And who you want to be as a person.


Readiness & Willingness to take the Leaps of Faith in the Arenas of Everyday Life. There are Dragons to Slay and Mountains to climb. Everything we do is approached with a sense of Adventure.


Now that we are on the path to understanding our strengths, values, beliefs and morals, we now must develop a philosophy or code that will hold us accountable and help us navigate this newfound wisdom.


Being Authentic means coming from a real place within. It is when our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values. It is being ourselves, not an imitation of what we think we should be or have been told we should be.

We are in the Business of Forging a New Generation of Modern Heroes. An Epic Odyssey of Personal Legends creating a world where Purpose & a Passion for Life is Paramount.