The journey starts off as everyone does with a character waking up. Although, this particular character seems to be resisting to wake up, some hero he is.

The person who is supposed to set a foot print and help others follow the steps he made doesn’t even want to wake up to make this step.
He used to be the best of the best in primary school, he got all of the good marks and he was courageous, he would approach any group of people and make them his friends, he used to do sleepovers every month and his stay would often have a pleasant stay.
He was given a leadership role twice and tried his best.
He was ahead of the class in math while the other students were still trying to learn basics, at the time he was learning negative numbers.

So what set the kid who had it all, downhill?
Nothing, nothing really…
He is still the same person only as time changes around him, new friends, new skill levels and new obstacles.
He was unable to continue to be ahead of the class and his weaknesses started to show, his friend groups were consistently shaken up and changed. This led his power to slightly fade, all he needed to do was put his feet down and move. But the problem he was facing is that he has a strong stride but he was unsure where to go and what the future holds for him.
He is consistently reminded of what potential he has and when he doesnโ€™t
perform he feels embarrassed and ashamed. The last year was a mix of highs and lows with the start being a mess, to the end being shaken up towards good.

But the only thing this hero needed was to find his true self.

For him to go to school and act like himself to know what he wants and
to find his โ€œpurposeโ€. So when his mum came out of the blue asking him if he would like to meet a Mentor ,the response given was positivity and approval.

The Mentorship Begins

The first trial meeting was done and the hero enjoyed it.
Due to the mentor seeming like a nice approachable person who the he can relax and feel comfortable around. The hero believed that this was like therapy and self-care but better and he still stands to this belief.
Through the sessions the hero was satisfied with each new lesson, even at the end he felt that the end was never really over the powerful messages that were taken across through the program was who he should hold close, to find and follow his pride, dignity and purpose, to identify his inner self and improve on where there is room for it. But the main thing he enjoys out of it is that every lesson he had, he always felt better.
He described it as a dark fog clearing up inside of him.
Even if time did fly it was worth every minute of it.

The Hero Finds Himself

Now we see that the hero never really left us.
He just needed to do some finding with assistance, to find his true self.

Now, more than ever he has his power returned back to him and he is ready.

The next year will be a battlefield but at least the hero has come prepared with ammunition knowing that the only way he can rise above others is if he fights his inner battlefields first. Some time has passed and some progress has been made. The Hero is truly in his boots and he is tackling difficult challenges,

with every hurdle come a solution and with every solution has knowledge gained.

But no story is this clear cut, we hope that this is the beginning of something great but time will tell, but I can say that as of the moment it’s
looking good, lets just hope it stays that way.

The Hero has one last message before he parts ways
as he wants to thank his parents for the opportunity in the mentoring course and he wants to thank his Mentor for the wisdom he has given.
Now we must conclude this short story and see the hero adventure further and further to enhance his power.
I hope he makes it.

Daniel M.
Pathfinder Graduate

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    1. Thanks Amanda. I love seeing young people own their narratives. such power in recognising our place as protagonist in our life.

    1. With the Personal Legends they are entirely narrated by the young people. As mentors, we simply say “here is the pen”. By the time they get to the end of our program they realize they never needed permission to start this process of defining a narrative. True Magic

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