When I look at my life, my journey, I honestly can’t believe I’ve made it. Made it through 16 years of life, 16 years of hardship, happiness, experience all bound by the simple belief of hope with the help of so many people. every single person. Yes, even the bad ones. And I think it’s so exciting to know that I still have so many years to come and I can finally say, so proudly, that it’s quite frankly just the beginning. The beginning of my life and my journey.

If I had three words to describe life, it would be funny, unpredictable and most recognisably hard. Every belief I had, had been influenced by others, like my mind was always being controlled without realising it. I felt the same but somehow so different to others trapped by time in a repetitive circuit called: life. I was naïve, scared and maybe still am, however I’ve learnt to accept this fact, to know that this is who I am and what I am is never a bad thing despite “weaknesses”.  I’ve learnt to take these things called “weaknesses” and turn them into strengths, strengths I know I can carry for the rest of my life all throughout. I believe absolutely no one possesses weaknesses, they are only attributes that start off weak and end up strong. It’s just like anything in life you learn to take those lesser strengths and turn them into something great, something so powerful!

My journey begins with birth. My tiny premature body trying so desperately to grasp for life. Well, being suffocated and trapped in a womb with your bigger younger brother really doesn’t help the situation… Regardless, I was introduced in a warm and loving environment, surrounded by surprised, happy faces… I hope. It’s crazy, you know I never understood why babies cried once they were born but I secretly reckon they are both scared and excited to become something they will want to be! And they should be, because there is so much to be excited for, and despite challenges there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

As a child, you start to grow, develop, think and make mistakes, and most importantly learn. Learn about other people, yourself, education and family And I can tell you now, I wasn’t a sociable kid, I was very shy, kept to myself, studied everything around me, was comfortable only around people I knew and definitely was scared of change.  And part of me is still this little girl from 10 years ago. I’ve realised especially now that I don’t think I would ever change who I truly am and I definitely don’t want to, with the intention to please other people. No one is more important than yourself, it’s only through loving and knowing yourself you are able to love others and I think it took me a very long time to accept that I am different and that’s ok but I am the one who ultimately determines my own success.

I can’t keep count of how many times I’ve been given false hope or have gotten hurt and I seriously think someone’s got to tell me to stop counting. However I feel confident in not having to count anymore because I’ve met such amazing people, I can definitely call friends, I’ve strengthened relationships with the people I love the most and simply, I think I love the new Adele.   

Life works in such funny ways, one day you’re chasing your dreams than BOOM it all comes crashing down, doesn’t it? You blame the god damn earth that destiny has put you in such a position. Like “why me?” It’s simple. Life wants you to go through these learning curves disguised as ‘pain’ to come out a better person and that is exactly what I’ve done and I’m sure everyone else has, because everything happens for a reason both the good and the bad.

Important things I’ve learnt through my journey is spending time with the people you love, not people you seem to want to love or are forced to love. There’s really a big difference.

A mentor isn’t just someone who teaches, it’s a person you happen to easily connect with, to find yourself through another’s wisdom or life journey. We are all so different and yet all the same living in a blue world we all call home. There are so many things I can say I regret and meeting mentors- people you really connect with- help you focus on the future more than just what happens in the past and even the present, which is exactly why we have goals.

To conclude here are my goals, my values and my strengths to live by:

Finally, with all this new-found knowledge I will be one step closer to being the person I aspire to be. The person who looks back on these years and congratulates themselves for making it through more than 16 years. The person who does everything in her power to change the world for the better and help all the people around her. And after a “want”, it becomes reality and I know in my heart reality is not too far away. Reach for the stars and never look back! You’ll never know what you’ll find!

Although life is hard and most amazingly funny, I wouldn’t honestly change it for the world. Ever.

My goal is to be the person, I want to be for the rest of my life.

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