One of the most important aspects of any Mentorship Journey is finding the right Mentor!
This person will be walking beside you for however long it takes, so naturally you will want to be paired with a Mentor who is best suited to your Needs, Goals and Common Interests. There is no One Shoe Fits All approach to Mentorship.

When Choosing a Mentor, start by looking at what they can offer YOU. Are you an Outdoorsy Person? Then perhaps someone who enjoys sport and hiking might be best fit for you. 
Are you more of  a deep thinker or creative type? Then maybe choosing someone with those Mentor Superpowers will best suit your Journey. 

Choose Wisely. 

Rick Boland

Founder & Lead Mentor

My Name is Rick and I founded MANA Youth Project in 2018 after noticing just how limiting and inconsistent mainstream youth services had become. Mentorship is at the heart of what we do here at MANA Youth Project, by utilising our unique and innovative Narrative Mentorship Framework we strive to reframe young peoples lives through the lens of a modern Heroes Journey. Walking beside young people as they gain authorship over their own personal mythology. When we understand our Values, Strengths, Beliefs and Narratives, we have the confidence and ability to live life authentically. My Mentor Superpower is Creativity & Humour with a splash of Wisdom. My unique Skill as a Mentor is helping Young People understand their Dreams and Deep Thoughts.

All of our MANA Mentors have attended our MANA Mentor Training and attained a Certificate to signify they
understand and work with our unique Narrative Mentorship Framework. 
All Mentors & Volunteers have also gone through a Screening Process, Carry a WWC (Working With Childrens Card) & have a recent Police Check.