Our Team


Qualified Youth Worker and Founder of MANA Youth Project


Rick Boland Founder/Lead Mentor

Hey Tribe, 

Rick here, I just wanted to jam with you a bit about myself so you know who you are getting involved with, and who will hopefully be Mentoring the young folk in the community. Meeting the Mentor is a crucial step in any young person’s Journey. But just as important is how safe and at-ease parents & guardians feel with the person who has the potential in becoming an important role model in their kids lives. 

I am a pretty candid person. I wear my heart on my sleeve and am outspoken and transparent about where I have come from, what my own story is about and how I use those experiences to walk beside the young people in my community locally and abroad. 

I am a Qualified Youth Worker, but the bit of paper I have hanging on my wall at home takes a backseat to the experience and wisdom I have gathered over my life. 

Yes, I have a lived experience of my own challenges, in my early 20s
I came to a cross-roads; and the direction I chose allowed me the opportunity to completely rebuild my Values, Morals and Beliefs about myself and the old Narratives that once dictated my life. 

Around this time, I also was introduced to my First Mentor. That encounter and the mentorship journey that followed was the catalyst to the work I do today. 

I am a Storyteller: And walking beside young people as they write their own is the greatest story I will ever tell. 


Qualified NLP Practitioner & Behavioral Modeler, Coach & Elder Mentor


Frederick - Counselor

Hi, my name is Frederick, my passion for counselling and coaching began over 35 years ago and is as strong as it ever was.

I have led numerous young people, and families (even Rick himself), through mentorship & coaching over the years and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to working with a whole-family approach.

As a Family/ Relationship Coach & Elder Mentor at MANA Youth Project, I hope to be able to work with the families; parents & carers of the young people who engage with us, so that each person in that family unit can benefit in a way that generates intergenerational wellbeing and support for all.

When young people’s welfare is looked after by our mentors, then the adults in those relationships can (sometimes for the first time in a long time) feel less worried, pursue their own goals outside of being a parent, and concentrate on finding space to work on any challenges they may be facing in their lives.

All of this contributes to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health of the family unit, and trickles down to providing the best environment of the young people in your life.