An ever expanding library of purpose-based community resources for Parents, Young People & Professionals alike.
From full-blown Community Resource Manuals & E-books to Fun Activities & Worksheets.
We want to provide a resource pool that spreads across the whole gamut of youth development and engagement

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Community & Youth Resources


Come learn with MANA Youth Project. 
Whether you are a Professional working in the Youth Work or Community Development Field, a Current Youth Work Student, or a simply a concerned Adult or Parent looking to develop some new skills to support the young people in your life, Our Training Courses will equip you with some new concepts and practical knowledge that supports young people to identify their unique character strengths and other aspects of everyday life so that they can be the confident, self defined individuals we know they can be. 


Take a Journey into our unique and innovative approach to Mentoring Young People through our Narrative Mentorship Framework. 
A Modern Heroes Journey into Self-Discovery, Self-Wisdom and Narrative Reframing through the lens of Youth Transitional Stages of Growth.

This Short Course Will guide you through a Modern Heroes Journey through the Narrative Structures of a reinterpretation of the Core Stages of Joseph Campbells Monomyth.

Forming a new paradigm in how we work alongside young people and families in our communities and in the world.

$250 AUD


Bundled Narrative Mentorship Framework Course & Pathfinder Program Course.

The Ultimate Deep Dive into our modalities of mentorship and everything to prepare you to develop your own practice of working in your community with young people and families.

With the Power of our Narrative Mentorship Framework and Pathfinder Program in your hands, we look forward to seeing how you impact the lives of the community you are working in.  

$500 AUD


This Course Will expand on the NMF Training and give you a practical & actionable template to guide young people towards self-actualisation, planting the seeds & paving the way for your very own Mentor Programs.

The Program is a toolkit to help young people find more confidence in their unique abilities that exist inside themselves, ready to be brought into the world. 

Included in this course is Printable PDF worksheets from our Pathfinder Field Manual Resource.

$300 AUD