Introducing a collaboration between Seawinds Community Hub & MANA Youth Project
Pathfinders: Young Adventurers Guild D&D

After a few successful and super fun Session Zero Nights, we are going to be making our Youth Dungeons & Dragons Nights a Permanent Fixture and will strive to expand it as we go.
Our awesome resident Dungeon Master and D&D Expert Frank, has been teaching us the basics over the last 2 sessions.
Guiding us on creating our own Character Sheets & preparing us for many adventures ahead.
We have done the Research, and Dungeons & Dragons has been promoting & supporting Strong Bonds, Exciting Platforms for Creativity & Imagination & Engaging young people to get out of their comfort zones & start making friends since the 1970s.
It has seen a massive resurgence over the last decade, and even more over the last 5 years since Stranger Things came out.
Our very own Mentor Rick will be learning the ropes to become a Dungeon Master himself, a massive learning curve, but one that fits right in with our Narrative Mentorship Framework and already unique Mentorship Programs for young people.
Come join us Fortnightly (although it may soon be Weekly) as we continue to provide more introductory Session Zero Tutorials, and when we have enough consistent players, we will begin our first Campaign.
D&D Nights are currently running in conjunction with Seawinds HUB’s Grind Program which runs every Tuesday 4pm-5:30pm Afterschool.
You don’t need to bring anything except your Imagination, Willingness to Learn, a Good Attitude & maybe some snacks.
We will supply you with Character Sheets and everything needed to set out on some crazy journeys.