Ashleigh facilitates safe spaces for connection, emotional release and healing. Utilising Creative Arts TherapyMindfulness and Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Ash also has experience supporting people who have witnessed domestic violence in the home, and can support mentees who are experiencing this in their life.

Ash’ Mentor Super-Skills involve:

– Mental Health and Trauma Support
– Processing Climate Grief and Protecting the Environment
– Mindfulness, Meditation, Mantra, Manifesting and Magick 
– Creating Healthy Self-Care Rituals
– Fibre Crafts – Sewing, Knitting and Dyeing 
– Holding Ceremony for Girls-Women Initiations



“Growing up we are often told who we are. We’re the “good girl” or “bad girl”. We are smart or dumb, frigid or easy, we’re too much or not enough…
As I grew up and unpacked everything I’ve been told I am, I realised, I am more than I will ever know. I am always surprising myself with how courageous I can be, how giving and generous, where my limits and boundaries are, my new interests and undiscovered talents. 
I am ever evolving. And I am the only person who will ever be able to appreciate all of it.
As a kid and young adult, I accepted what others said about me as the truth because I didn’t know that I was allowed to reject it. I didn’t know what else to do with the information. Even when I didn’t trust the person offering their opinions, I still took them on as my own.
Now that I have the tools, I can unpack them and let go of all the things others perceive me to be. I’m not the one dimensional figure they proclaimed!
And now I am equipped with the knowledge & actionable wisdom to help others find this truth about their identities and the narratives they bring with them into everyday life.”
With over a decade of self-exploration in the arts of mindfulness and psychology, Ashleigh brings with her many lessons, a calm nature and non-judgemental attitude.
Throughout her personal and professional life, she has supported people who are experiencing family violence, PTSD, anxiety, depression, BPD, eating disorders, addiction, disability, bullying, spiritual awakening and more.  

My Qualifications are: 

– Graduate Diploma in Therapeutic Arts Practice with MIECAT

– EFT Certified Practitioner with EFT Universe
– Advanced Certification in Guiding and Teaching Meditation with ACMM
– Certificates in Journalling for Clarity, Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology, Meditation and the Chakras with ACMM
– Reiki Master Degree in Usui System of Traditional & Modern Methods of Reiki Healing