In The Alchemist by Author Paulo Cohelho, a Personal Legend can be defined as one’s ultimate purpose in life.
Everyone has a Personal Legend, but for a variety of reasons, not everyone is willing or able to fulfil their purpose. Achieving one’s Personal Legend requires patience, humility, and above all, wisdom, as the Protagonist Santiago discovers when he embarks upon his own spiritual quest.

When we combine this with MANA Youth Project’s Narrative Mentorship Framework; we are able to help young people realise the ultimate truth that is each one is the Protagonist in their own lives. A core element, and the linchpin of our Foundational 6-Week Program is the construction of a Personal Legend Narrative Essay that takes place between the last 2 sessions. 
The Philosophy behind this final task is to help young people acknowledge their place in their own world. As the Hero/Heroine and Protagonist of their story, the young person takes over authorship of their lives, and acknowledges all the of the new insights they have discovered about themselves in the process of the program. It is an opportunity for them to integrate all of their fresh wisdom, and to embrace their role in the narrative of everyday life. 

As The Mentor in each young persons story;  I am honoured to share with the permission of each Mentee, the Personal Legend Narratives that they have authored to graduate as Pathfinders in the 6-Week Program. Enjoy.