The Hero’s Journey is a common story structure that takes place in Three Major Stages
Each Life Journey undertaken by our Young People is entirely unique to them. 

First, the Hero/Heroine’s ordinary life is disrupted by a call for adventure.
Second, the Hero/Heroine has to overcome ordeals and defeat adversaries & obstacles during their quest, as they learn about their abilities.
Finally, they return home transformed, more confident, self-aware & ready to tackle any challenge or ordeal that may appear in their lives.

In each Journey, there is a certain mysterious figure, unknown to the Hero/Heroine who acts as a tutelary guide. 
A Wizard, Teacher, Sage or other Archetype: In this case, a MENTOR. 
This Person is the one who will assist the Hero/Heroine in overcoming the Refusal of the Call, and who will walk beside them as they each discover their unique, Heroic Qualities. 

The Pathfinder Cycle
is our Foundational Mentorship Program built as an introduction into further consistent Mentoring.
The Pathfinder Cycle runs for 6-Sessions and helps guide the Young Person to a deeper understanding of various aspects about themselves through the Heroes Journey.

New Mentees will be Paired with a Suitable Mentor that appeals to their unique Nature, Skills & Shared Interests.