“Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of your life.”


Ages 12-17+

Our Unique Foundational
6-Week Mentorship Program

Mornington Peninsula / Bayside Area.
Or Online (via Zoom)

Our Foundational Mentorship Program introduces Young People to the Core Values of MANA and equips them with the tools to construct their own Life-Code tuned with their Strengths, Values, Beliefs and a Deeper Understanding of themselves, relationships & the world around them. 

Payment Plan Options Available

Level 2

AGES 12-17

L1 Rites of Passage Camp

Various Locations

A Guardian or Parent assisted Rites of Passage Initiation camp that teaches both Young Person & Adult about the unique roles they play in one another’s lives and the world in which they live.

This Adult-Led Rite of Passage will pave the way to help young people and their parents/guardians to understand one another on a deeper level so that  they can thrive.


Level 3

AGES 12-25

Everyday Mentorship

Mornington Peninsula / Bayside Area.
Or Online (via Zoom)

Like LEVEL 1, Mentees will receive weekly mentoring in the reinforcement of core values, developing tools to build important life skills, and strengthening the bond between Mentee & Mentor.

This Everyday Mentorship is suited to Young People & Young Adults who have completed LEVEL 1 and/or LEVEL 2
For Young People who are at medium to
high-risk of disengagement, social-isolation & other life challenges. 

Level 4

AGES 18-25

L2 Rites of Passage Camp

Various Locations 

Rites of Passage (Self-led) is a more intense evolution of the family-led R.O.P Camp to integrate and prepare young-adults to return to their communities as the best version of themselves. A new stage of transition from young-adulthood to Adulthood.

This Phase is Suitable for Young-Adult Mentee’s who have completed and graduated from the LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, LEVEL 3 Stages
of their Journey, and is the End-Game Phase of the Journey itself.