As a young person accepts the call to adventure, they step into the role of the protagonist in their own story.

They become the hero or heroine of their own Personal Odyssey, empowered to face the trials and overcome the obstacles that lie ahead.
It is their choices, actions, and character growth that will shape the outcome of their journey.

Step into your Odyssey now and start forging your own story.

MANA Youth Project just announced yesterday a massive price drop on our foundational Pathfinder Program.

Our Pathfinder Program is the beginning of a bigger journey. Connect the young person in your life with one of our MANA Mentors.
Through their mentorship they will receive support and work with their mentor to develop actionable tools around various challenges of everyday life such as:

  • Finding their own Identity through our unique and one-of-a-kind Archetype System: Choosing an Archetype they can identify themselves in, using it as a template for their Strengths, Challenges, Values & Skills.
  • Self Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Social Connections & Friendships
  • Unlocking their Potential by discovering what they are passionate about.
  • Defining their personal narratives
  • Developing their own code that will help them face life as an empowered unique individual.

    Mentorship is NOT Psychotherapy or Counselling.
    It does not happen in an office.
    It happens in your community: In Libraries, Community Hubs & Nature, and can foster a lifetime connection with a positive role model.


The Pathfinder Program for Schools is an engaging and transformative 7-week school program designed to empower and inspire students in their personal journeys of self-discovery. Tailored for primary school children aged 10-11 years old, this program combines elements of mentorship, mythology, and creative expression to help students unlock their full potential and navigate the path ahead with confidence.

⚡Throughout the program, students will embark on a dynamic exploration of their own identities, values, and aspirations, guided by experienced mentors who serve as compassionate guides on this heroic journey. Each week focuses on a different theme, carefully crafted to cultivate essential life skills and foster a growth mindset.

⚡In the initial sessions, “Meeting the Mentor” and “Heroic Archetypes,” students will establish rapport, connect with their peers and mentors, and discover the unique qualities and archetypal roles that shape their personal mythologies. They will also learn how to recognise other potential mentors in their school, community or family.
Through interactive activities, they will recognise the power within themselves and others, igniting their sense of empowerment and comradery between fellow students.

⚡The program culminates in the “Presentation of Personal Legends and Feedback” session, where students will showcase their Personal Legends to their peers. Engaging in open discussion and constructive feedback, students will celebrate each other’s growth, appreciate diverse perspectives, and gain valuable insights into their own journeys.
By participating in the Hero Academies Pathfinder Program for Schools, students will develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their values, and their potential.

They will cultivate essential life skills such as self-awareness, empathy, critical thinking, and decision-making. With increased confidence, resilience, and a sense of purpose, students will be better equipped to navigate the challenges of their academic, personal, and future endeavours.
Join us on this transformative adventure and empower your students to embrace their own hero’s journey, discover their true potential, and create a meaningful impact in their lives and the world around them.
Together, let’s inspire young minds to become the heroes of their own stories.

If you represent a Primary School on the Mornington Peninsula, or are part of a Parents Committee and would love to see this in schools, please reach out and our mentors will come and present the rest of the Curriculum.