So Hero, you’ve made it through your First Cycle and can now proudly call yourself: PATHFINDER. 


This Cycle, Teenagers & Young Adults who have graduated and ranked up through the Pathfinder Mentorship Journey and are looking for further Training or Leadership Development with a more serious and action-oriented traineeship in everyday life. 


Similar to their 1st Cycle; Mentees will receive weekly or fortnightly mentoring with a core focus in the reinforcement of their values, defined by their Heroic Archetypes, developing tools to build important life skills, and strengthening the bond between Mentee & Mentor so that they may be productive, inspirational members of their community, social circles or schools. 

New Pathways Have opened for the Hero in their Community. 
Mentees will choose a Pathway that will seek to bring out their heroic qualities and Mentors will provide a platform for them to be able to flex these strengths. 

MANA Mentors will make their names synonymous with their students, just as they will be representing
MANA Youth Project.