There is One Major existential question affecting our Men of today…
What is it to BE a Man. 

The Men of our Communities have lost their defined roles in our society. 
But where do they find that place, and how do they fit into the dynamics of their families, marriages, fatherhood, leadership? 

This Program, developed and facilitated by Team Members Rick & Frederick; Draw on almost a decade of intergenerational mentorship and brotherhood to deliver an initiation into redefining what manhood and brotherhood looks like in the lives of men. 

Intended as a lead-up to MANA Youth Projects Rites of Passage Program, this 7-Week Short Course equips our communities Fathers/ Guardians/ Brothers to walk beside the young people in their lives and lead them into important initiations together. 
You may even want to do this 7-Week Program with the young person in your life. 

For more info, Download the PDF by clicking below.