Guardian-Led Rites of Passage Camps

This Phase is Suitable for Young Mentee’s who have completed and graduated from the 6 Week Pathfinder Program or have been taking part in active 1:1 or Group Mentoring for some time.

Traditionally, a Rite of Passage is a ritual event that marks a person’s transition between childhood and full inclusion into a tribe or social group. The concept of the rite of passage explores and describes various other milestones in an individual’s life when their social status is forever altered.


Rites of Passage (Guardian Led) is an initiation camp to help young people make a transitional leap from adolescence into young adulthood. It is an important step in the life of a young person let alone one participating in a mentorship journey and help define the new understanding and knowledge they have gained from completing the foundational phase of their journey of self-discovery.

Being a Guardian Led Initiation means that they are accompanied by a parent/guardian or Mentor who can show up and is invested in their progress and transition. The guardian who accompanies that young person is there to witness and acknowledge that youths’ innate abilities and to bear witness to the transformation process of initiation.

 During the 3-day Camp, parents will be taken away at points throughout, and taught by our Elder Mentors & Family Counsellors, strategies and ideas to help them celebrate and implement changes at home to acknowledge the process they have  witnessed the young person in their lives achieve. 


With help from a Guardian & a Collective of other initiated leaders from their Communities; the young person must be honoured and initiated into a new transitional stage of life. For Boys, they will become Young Men. And for Girls, they will become Young Women.
This Initiation acts as a shedding of their adolescence. Utilising and reflecting on their journey to this point, drawing upon the trials of their mentorship; they will be reborn with a renewed sense of self. 

For Mentees

For Mentees taking part in a Rite of Passage Initiation; this is an opportunity to integrate all that they have learnt on their Mentorship Journey up to this point. The activities, reflective story-telling & sharing of experience will help young people build new friendships and reinforce the lessons learnt in order for them to take a transitional leap of growth from adolescent mindset into young-adult mindset. Bringing this newfound insight back into their social, familial and community relationships. 

  • An opportunity to share their stories and experiences with other young people who have taken part in their own unique Mentorship Journeys. 
  • Reinforcement of their core Values, Beliefs & Morals in a supportive and actionable environment where they can put these insights into practical use with their peers and guardians. 
  • An opportunity to flex their newfound growth in the presence of their parents or guardians. 
  • A place where new bonds are formed and reinforced through a focus on Brotherhood / Sisterhood. A Tribal structure of Kinship & Clan Dynamics.  

For Guardians

It takes a Village to raise a child: This must start with the immediate family members in that young persons tribe. Fathers, Mothers, Step-Dads & Mums, Uncles, Aunties or any other positive Role Model must step forward, witness, and acknowledge the youngest members of their tribe in order for them to flourish. A Guardian who accompanies a Young Person on a Rites of Passage Initiation will not only bare witness to this transformational journey, but will be transformed themselves.

  • Learn how to create a platform at home to welcome in the new version of the young person in their lives.
  •  Including how to provide the space and opportunity for them to share their story to close family and friends without interruption
  • What it means to raise the bar or set new standards that allow new levels of trust & responsibility for the new version of the young person at home.
  • Communication Strategies to help promote healthy and valuable interactions between family members and the young person at home.
  • How to assist them in the next stages of their Journey.