This Level focuses on Teenagers & Young Adults who have graduated and ranked up through the First 2 Levels of their Mentorship Journey and are looking for further Training or Leadership Development with a more serious and action-oriented traineeship in everyday life. It is also for those outside of our programs seeking a more personal and deeper, leadership-based mentorship with a MANA Mentor in their community.


This Phase is also aimed towards ‘at-risk’ and ‘disengaged’ young people and young adults in the community who have been introduced to MANA Youth Project through outside sources due to certain community, court, juvenile justice and/or correction orders as an alternative pathway to incarceration, juvenile detention or as a result of school disengagement.

Like Level 1: Mentees will receive weekly mentoring with a core focus in the reinforcement of core values, developing tools to build important life skills, and strengthening the bond between Mentee & Mentor so that they may be productive, inspirational members of their community. 
MANA Mentors will make their names synonymous with their students, just as they will be representing MANA Youth Project. 

The Hidden School of Life

 The real lessons of life are hidden in plain sight. This level of Mentorship will build upon the first 2 phases of Mentorship. The connection between Mentor & Mentee will be strengthened, providing new insights pointing the way to an inspired life filled with actionable goals, purpose & leadership. 


Areas of growth during this Level of Mentorship include but are not limited to: 

Discipline through Ongoing Mentor Training

Linkship into Martial Arts Therapies

Linkship into Community Engagement & Voluntary Opportunities

Linkship into further Tertiary Education or Reengagement into School

Youth Mentor Traineeships & Leadership Opportunities

Community Reengagement after Criminal Act

Advocacy  for Young Offenders