LEVEL 4: Return


L2 Rites of Passage Camp

This Phase is Suitable for Young-Adult Mentee’s who
have completed and graduated from the 6 Week Discovery Program, L1 R.O.P
(Guardian-led) and have graduated or are taking part in Level 3 Every-day Student Phases
of their Journey.
This Level is the End-Game Phase of the Journey itself.   

Rites of Passage (Self-led)
is a more intense evolution of the Guardian-led R.O.P Camp to integrate
and prepare young-adults to return to their communities as the best version of
A new stage of transition from Young-Adulthood to Adulthood.


It is an important step in the life of a young-adult to be able to initiate
into manhood/womanhood without the guidance of a parent/guardian/mentor.

There is no handholding here and is
only available to 18+ years.


The Mentee must trust his/her own intuition and Code to help them through this final trial. Being the Endgame Phase of their Journey means that once they have completed this Level of their Training, they may walk into life without the guidance of their Mentor. It is a metaphorical Death & Rebirth of who they once were and who they are destined to become


With help from their Mentor & a collective of other initiated leaders & Elders from all walks of life, the young person must be honoured and initiated into a new transitional stage of life. For Boys, they will become Men. And for Girls, they will become Women. This Initiation acts as the metaphorical Death of their old selves. And utilising and reflecting on their journey to this point, drawing upon the trials of their mentorship; they will be reborn with a renewed sense of self ready to return to their Communities as true leaders and shining examples of the potential of intergenerational mentorship. 


Although there is no Parent/Guardian present for this R.O.P stage, MANA Mentors that operate within MANA Youth Project and the broader community, elders and leaders from various cultures and vocations will be present. Elder Men & Women will be present in a voluntary capacity to act as a support network for the individual and team-based challenges that take place over the 5-day event. The Trials that the initiates will take part in will encompass 4 Core levels of The Self. 

       Physical Trials involving a Team-Based Survival Challenge & Camping.

       Mental Trials involving Metaphorical Death & Rebirth

       Emotional Trials involving Talk-Stories & Sharing of Past Traumatic Events.

      Spiritual Trials involving Meditation & Vision Quests.