Introducing our latest Project: Project Crossroad

You already know our Work, our Mission, We believe in the power of mentorship, community support, and personal transformation so all young people are aware of their unique potential to make the changes needed in their lives.

Project Crossroad aims to break the cycle of violence and the allure of Gang crime and redirect the lives of young individuals towards a brighter future.
Crossroad is not just another program; it is a community movement that seeks to empower youth, transform communities, and rewrite the dark destinies of our youth who have strayed far from the path.

We understand that punitive measures alone do not address the root causes of youth crime. Instead, we offer a fresh approach that combines the strength of positive mentorship, skill-building, and a supportive network to guide young offenders away from destructive paths and towards a life filled with purpose, resilience, comradery and success.

On the Crossroad, we aim to create a safe, actionable and inclusive space where young individuals can find their voice, discover their passions, and build a strong foundation for personal growth. We aim to train up a diverse team of community mentors, ranging from martial arts therapists to outdoor adventure experts, together we will seek to provide a comprehensive support system that addresses the unique needs and interests of each participant.

Our program draws inspiration from the positive aspects of what attracts young people to gang structures – the sense of belonging, loyalty, and mutual respect – and channels those energies towards productive pursuits. We believe that by offering a structured hierarchy within our mentorship program, we can foster a sense of identity, belonging, and purpose that resonates with the young participants.

The Crossroad is more than a program; it is a transformative journey that equips young individuals with the skills, confidence, and opportunities they need to break free from the grip of youth crime and embrace a future filled with endless possibilities. By joining forces with community groups, local government, law enforcement, and passionate individuals, we can unite against the rise of youth crime and gangs, making a lasting impact on our communities.

Together, we can build bridges, rewrite narratives, and create a world where every young person has the chance to thrive, regardless of their past and to provide education and information for the community so that they are not chastised for past mistakes and instead recognised for the work they are doing in their own lives on the path of redemption.
We have begun planning and development on this project, and will be hopefully holding some community information sessions in the near future across the Mornington Peninsula to gather support and resources to get this up and running.
We would love your support and collaboration to make this a reality.