Community Resources

Over time I have developed quite a few projects aimed at various complex issues within the community.. One of my biggest projects will be developing a Community Action Manifesto that anyone, at any level can use as a field manual for community development. This section of the website will make some of those resources available to the local and global communities. The main reason for this is to create a call-to-action to anyone and everyone to take a stand, form collective action groups in their schools or social groups, or individually, and create an antithesis to an over reliance on local governments, council and service providers.


The Philosophy of this grass-roots movement is:

If Not Us, Who?

If Not Now, When?


(When utilizing these resources please give MANA Youth Project some recognition)

The TAO of Grassroots Mentorship

Community Resource

The Tao of Grassroots Mentorship is our first E-book.

The E-Book is an accessible & actionable manual of insights and modalities that when applied to youth work or community action, can assist anyone in the community to take an idea of change, and bring it to life.

It is a non academic, non statistical, qualitative approach to mentoring based on grassroots and social action ideologies.

Pay What You Want

MANA Mentor Information Manual

Mentor Training

Ever thought about becoming a Youth Mentor in your community. Why not take it one step further and be a MANA Mentor?

We are Seeking more adult mentors to be matched to youth ages 12-25 living in communities across the Mornington Peninsula & Bayside region.

This Information Manual will provide potential MANA Mentors with knowledge on what is expected in the role of Community Mentorship before going through the paces to join our crew.

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My Journey Through Anger

Community Resource Manual PDF

In this Brand New MANA Community Resource Manual we take a look into What Anger & Frustration Really are all about. 

Often in our society, Anger is seen as destructive, immature and looked down upon in social, educational and familial environments. 

My Journey Through Anger flips the script on those narratives and instead poses an alternative view of a powerful emotion that when channelled and allowed proper platform for expression can help us and empower us to regulate it into positive and resilient energy. 

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Project Plan Template

Community Resource PDF

This Project Plan Template was created so that anyone, at any age or level of understanding could utilise it and allow them to take their brilliant ideas and stick them on paper within the guidelines of a professional and standard program plan. 

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