At the MANA Youth Arts Hub, we are providing a collaborative platform for our communities young aspiring authors, creative writers, storytellers & worldbuilders. 

Every week we provide the option to come and work on their own material or take part in one of our Writing Prompts to help them learn new techniques, or develop new ideas for their characters, stories and the worlds that they are filling with their creativity. Here is a collection of our Weekly Writing Prompts. Downloadable and Printable PDF Worksheets with a template emphasising creative and immersive design elements that are there to inspire and educate on your journey. 

Young Writers Guild
Week 1:
Ancient Artifacts

Week 1 introduced the creation of a unique Ancient Artifact in your world. Whether it is a magical item with great mystical power or a piece of technology that could save or doom the world. Writers were invited to come up with an origin for this Artifact, and work 
out how it fits into their created world. 

Young Writers Guild
Week 2:
Mythic Monsters

Week 2 shifted focus into the things that creep in the night, the legends and stories whispered about at campfires and into the ears of children to make them behave. Mythic Monsters is all about coming up with an origin story for how it was created, what place it has in your world, and just how badass it can look. 

Young Writers Guild Week 3:
The Heroes Journey Part 1 Ordinary Worlds

Week 3 kicks off our Term Long Project looking at each Phase of the Heroes Journey, a monomyth that has been the backbone of every heroic story ever told. The beginning is where the unknown hero wrestles with the mundane of the Ordinary World before realising their destiny and leaving their home.

Young Writers Guild Week 4:
The Heroes Journey Part 2:
Call to Adventure, Refusal & Meeting the Mentor

Part 2 of our Heroes Journey Series compiles the next 3 stages of the Heroes Journey: The Call to Adventure, The Refusal of the Call & The Meeting of the Mentor into one jam-packed session setting the path for the beginning stages of Adventure and Destiny. 

Young Writers Guild Week 5:

The Heroes Journey Part 3: Allies & Adversaries

Part 3 of our Heroes Journey Series delves into a crucial aspect of the Journey, as the Hero learns who are their allies, those supporting their growth and journey, and who are standing in their path as antagonists and challengers. 

Young Writers Guild
Week 6:
Writers Block & Flow with Writing Prompts

How do you get inspiration? How do you overcome Writers Block when it hits? This week looks at focusing on some aspects of your life to help find inspiration or peace of mind so you can get back to creating your stories. 

Then we jump into some Free-Writing exercises combining what you have learnt about the Heroes Journey in previous weeks. 

Young Writers Guild Week 7:
The Heroes Journey Part 4: Ordeals & Elixirs

Part 4 of our Heroes Journey Series involved facing the first great ordeal of the Journey, where the hero and their allies must use everything they have learnt so far to overcome something blocking their progress and testing their resolve. It results in the earning of an Elixir or Artifact that will renew their faith and drive them on.