Personal Legend

Daniels Personal Legend

Read about Daniels Personal Legend through a reflective narrative story, authored by one of MANA Youth Projects Pathfinder Graduates.


Rites of Passage in Youth Relationships

I have talked about this before; that, for some time now, I have dropped any kind of conventional meditation practice.I believe it is a natural progression of spiritual practice, that at some point we open our eyes and everyday life becomes meditation. A part of this everyday mediation, and an


The Mentor

The Meeting I guess it all started with this man… Although there were a tapestry of interwoven and serendipitous encounters and events throughout my life, I think the catalyst of real, tangible change was the meeting of the Mentor and the Student. This guy here is Frederick Krasey. I was


It’s the Journey, Not the Destination

                At the age of almost thirty-one, I have the unique experience (my own) to be able to lean back, feet up, and reflect on my journey in life so far. Let’s rewind. To a time not too long ago, (a few years in fact), when I was sitting at